What Are Your Treatment Options For Varicose Veins?

Living with vein problems can present symptoms that interfere with your sleep, limit your ability to perform certain activities, and like many people, you will find them unsightly. In your quest to pursue blemish-free skin, you can eliminate Upper East Side varicose veins with advanced treatments that work to redirect blood flow to healthy veins. Treatment exists to eliminate the unpleasant veins with a minimally invasive approach so you can resume routine activities as soon as possible. The following discussion will focus on a few treatment options that can eliminate varicose veins within a short time.

Radiofrequency Ablation with ClosureFast™

The treatment uses radiofrequency heat to seal off the affected vein and then redirect blood flow to your healthy veins, thus relieving pain. During the ClosureFast procedure, your doctor makes a small access incision and inserts a catheter into your varicose vein. An ultrasound will guide your doctor throughout the procedure. Next, you will receive a series of local anesthesia to numb your vein area. After the anesthesia takes effect, the catheter will deliver heat to your vein to seal off it and allow blood to reroute to the healthy veins. Per your doctor’s recommendation, you can resume routine activities within a few days.

Sclerotherapy with Varithena®

First, you receive a numbing injection before your doctor can inject your vein with Varithena microfoam. The microfoam will fill the affected vein and cause it to collapse so blood can flow to your healthy veins. You may require up to two sticks to treat your affected veins, and because it is minimally invasive, you will need minimal recovery downtime. Treatment usually lasts less than an hour, and you may only need one treatment session for full results. You can resume normal activities almost immediately.

VenaSeal™ Closure System

The treatment uses an adhesive to close off the varicose vein to experience improved blood flow to your legs and relieve your varicose veins symptoms. During a VenaSeal Closure system procedure, your doctor will fill a syringe with the adhesive and insert it into a dispensing gun attached to a catheter. Your doctor will use an ultrasound to guide the catheter into your diseased vein to deliver the adhesive to your vein. Your doctor will also apply compressions to your leg during the treatment. The medical adhesive will seal off the varicose vein, and blood will redirect to your nearby healthy veins. With this procedure, you will not require multiple injections and can resume your normal activities with minimal discomfort.


The treatment uses microburst technology to eliminate unsightly veins by using heat to collapse the damaged vein. Your doctor will insert a probe into your skin, which will seal off your vein shut and let it collapse. Your body will reabsorb the vein, and then blood will redirect to your healthy veins. The procedure is quick, and you require no recovery time.

Treating varicose veins improves your symptoms by eliminating them to improve blood flow to your legs. Varicose veins can cause leg pain, cramping, swelling, discoloration, and heaviness. Such symptoms can make life difficult, but as you pursue beautiful skin, you can find treatments to eliminate the unsightly veins. A minimally invasive treatment like Varithena will not require incisions, general anesthesia, and vein stripping. Therefore, you can resume normal activities immediately after treatment without needing several sessions. You can talk to your doctor about your choice of treatment depending on what works for you.

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