Warning Signs You Should Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are essential chemicals acting as messengers that can greatly influence your overall quality of life. In some cases, they can cause unpleasant and painful symptoms. Therefore, it is essential to stay aware of hormonal changes. If you have abnormal hormonal changes, you should see your healthcare practitioner. Many people have benefited from hormone replacement therapy Houston due to the treatment’s effectiveness. Unfortunately, knowing indicators to consider this therapy can sometimes be challenging. Thus, this article analyzes warning signs you should consider hormone replacement therapy.

Mood Shifts

Usually, it is common for everyone to experience mood shifts from time to time. However, during menopause, women are more likely to experience hormonal changes on several occasions. During this period, the intensity of mood swings can make a woman unable to carry out daily activities. Sometimes it is possible to alleviate the symptom by eating nutritious food, exercising, and meditating. Unluckily, these mechanisms may be ineffective, meaning you should book an appointment for hormone replacement therapy with your provider.

Lack of Sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital in helping you carry out daily tasks like operating machines. Whenever your sleep cycle is influenced, carrying out these activities becomes complex. In some cases, hormonal imbalance might be the one to blame, forcing you to stay awake at night. Once your hormone impacts your sleep, you may also experience insomnia, anxiety, brain fog, and memory loss. You should consider getting hormone replacement therapy to enhance your sleep quality.

Hair Loss

While genetics can be blamed for most hair loss in both genders, hormones also play a significant role. Dihydrotestosterone is the chief hormone responsible for hair loss. Your hair follicle can be vulnerable if you have a hormonal imbalance of this testosterone. Fortunately, hormone replacement therapy can address this situation. Therefore, you should consult your provider if you have been experiencing a sudden loss of hair to confirm if the hormone replacement therapy is right for you.

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are popular symptoms of menopause accompanied by sweating and flushed skin. In most cases, hot flashes occur when entering the menopause phase and can last till post menopause or for the whole of your life.   Their duration, frequency, and severity vary from person to person. Thus, informing your doctor if you notice an unexpected heat wave accompanied by sweating is crucial. Your doctor can provide measures, including therapy, to manage them and improve your life during this phase.

Variations in Body Composition

As you age, your hormones change, meaning your body composition also changes. Sometimes you can lose bone density and muscle mass. Besides, your body can accumulate more fats. On the other hand, your skin becomes drier and thinner, mainly in women, due to reduced collagen and elastin production. Hormone replacement therapy can be a solution to these worries. If you notice these changes in your body, you should consult your healthcare specialist. Your provider can evaluate your hormone levels and confirm your eligibility for the therapy.

Hormonal changes can have negative changes, which can affect your overall quality of life. For example, you may experience mood swings, deteriorated sleep quality, hot flashes, loss of hair, or changes in body composition. Fortunately, medical advancement has made it possible to address these concerns. The development of hormone replacement therapy has benefited most clients who have tried it. Although this therapy can lead to side effects like bloating, indigestion, and headaches, its advantages should not be overlooked. You should visit your doctor for an examination to confirm if hormone replacement therapy is right for you.

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