Top Reasons to Consider the Discseel Procedure

The Discseel method is a minimally invasive, evidence-based treatment for herniated discs in the spine. This therapy for the spine is an alternative to more invasive spinal surgery, effectively reducing back pain. Do not put off getting treatment for a spinal condition or injury because of the possibility of permanent disability. The Discseel method involves your pain management doctor injecting a natural biologic called fibrin into your damaged disc to heal it. This risk-free method delivers the proteins directly to the organs that need them. Whether you have back discomfort anywhere along your spine, upper, medium, or lower, you should talk to your doctor about the cutting-edge Discseel technique. Here are some reasons why the discseel® procedure Chandler may be a good alternative:

High success rate

Even for those who have attempted another spinal operation without success, this treatment option has a very high success rate. Seventy percent of patients who had tried other therapies for their spine pain reported improvement after receiving this fibrin biologic. The Discseel® Process is far more successful than stem cell injections, with almost twice the success rate.


The doctor will consciously sedate you throughout the process to ensure you feel no pain or discomfort. Relaxing drugs (sedatives) and painkillers (anesthetics) are used in conscious sedation to provide a comfortable medical experience. It is possible to fall asleep under conscious sedation, but you will wake up quickly enough to react to anybody in the room. You may be able to follow simple spoken prompts. You may feel sleepy and forget parts of the surgery after conscious sedation, but you will get over it soon, and you can start walking the following day again.

Reduced downtime

This is a daytime operation that does not need hospitalization. You will need to rest for a few days but may expect to be mobile again the day after surgery. When you are ready, after the first few days, start a regular walking routine and increase the distance you walk by a week at a time. In the beginning, most patients will need pain medication.

After a Discseel® surgery, you should start feeling better within three to six months, sometimes even sooner. The typical recovery time for outpatient surgical treatment is one week. After your procedure, it is common to feel worse than usual for a while, followed by a period in which your symptoms fluctuate.

After surgery, the two most important motions to avoid are flexion (forward bending) and rotation (twisting). Both bending and twisting, including compressive and shear forces, harm discs. These two forces may damage and tear discs; thus, you should avoid them as a way of life. After surgery, engaging with a physical therapist for a short while may help acquire new body mechanics that will reduce further disc degeneration.

Don’t put off getting your back or neck checked out if you have been experiencing discomfort. The Discseel technique might help you avoid surgery. If you are experiencing back pain, don’t hesitate to call Apex Pain Specialists. These specialists in pain management have helped many people formerly suffering from back pain lead a pain-free existence wotpost.

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