Top Reasons Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery is Favorable

Are you struggling with spine issues that are not responsive to conservative measures like medicine or physical therapy? Your doctor may recommend spine surgery, and while often the last resort, modern advancements have opened up innovative solutions that are more effective and reliable. A minimally invasive surgeon Monroe Township NJ can help you manage spine issues like spinal instability, deformities, infection, tumor, fractures, stenosis, and herniated discs. This is without making a long incision like in open surgery. Minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) uses single or multiple small incisions where an endoscope is inserted to facilitate treatment. Among the top benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery includes:

Less damage

Open surgery entails a long incision, often including pulling and spreading muscles and other tissues out of the way, which can even require removal from the bone. This increases the risk of damage to such muscles and surrounding tissues. Besides scarring, the damage can cause more post-operative pain. MISS does not require a long incision or such movements, minimizing muscle and soft tissue damage. It employs small incisions and guided medical devices to navigate the treatment. Less damage translates to minimized scarring and pain, allowing you to address spine issues comfortably.

Faster and precise treatment

The spine is complex, requiring care to ensure surgery does not do more harm. MISS is precise and much faster than open surgery. The advanced surgical instruments used enhances efficiency, which speeds up the treatment. Monitoring and manipulating the tools from outside the body makes it easier for the surgeon to accurately and precisely navigate the surgery, translating to better results, including shorter hospital stays.

Fewer risks and complications

MISS is still a surgical treatment with potential risks and complications. Nonetheless, the innovative approach considerably minimizes such undesirable experiences. Since the incision is smaller and the surgery does not involve pulling and spreading muscles and tissues, risks such as bleeding during and after treatment are significantly reduced. The speed and precision also mean less anesthesia, mitigating risks such as adverse allergic reactions or complications like an early awakening. Fewer risks translate to a higher success rate since you are less likely to need revision surgery or additional treatment due to a complication.

Shorter recovery

You won’t have long incisions and a huge wound to care for, making the recovery period shorter and more manageable. This is more so with less pain and reduced risks of bleeding and infection that can significantly derail the recovery. This means you can get back on your feet much faster, which is essential during recovery. Faster recovery also means you will return to your routine sooner, improving your productivity and quality of life.

Surgery can be overwhelming, yet the only viable option for your spine problems. If you are a good candidate, you can pursue MISS, which provides a better experience and good results. This includes better cosmetic results since you won’t be left with a huge scar and less reliance on pain medication with minimized post-surgery pain. Contact University Pain Medicine Center for more on minimally invasive spine surgery.

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