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Songs That Mention West Virginia in the Lyrics

There are many different types of songs that mention West Virginia. Rap and hip-hop songs are common examples. Rap songs about West Virginia are generally more serious and talk about grief and addiction. They describe the difficulties people have and how to overcome them. Hip-hop songs about West Virginia also mention scrip, the money that miners used to buy goods from their companies. Some of these songs even mention the state’s famous rivers.

The beautiful mountains of West Virginia inspire many popular songs. The state’s picturesque autumn seasons provide breathtaking sights and the perfect soundtrack for an evening on the road. If you want to listen to some of the state’s most popular songs, check out some of the following. You may even find one of your favorites. Listed below are a few that mention West Virginia in the lyrics. Enjoy! Think about this when planning a road trip.

“Country Roads” by John Denver is one of the four official state songs. Although John Denver wasn’t a native of the state, he and his co-writer didn’t visit it before writing the song. The song has since become an iconic part of West Virginia and has been played at many state events. In 2014, the song was named the official state song. This song is perfect for family road trips or quick dance sessions with kids.

“Willaday River” by Danoff is another song that mentions West Virginia in the lyrics. This song was a hit during the 1950s. This song was written about the winding roads of the state and the beauty of the mountains. The song’s lyrics are based on the author’s experiences in the state, and it is a great example of American popular music. It is the perfect way to start your day.

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