Nutaku Project QT Review

The Nutaku Project QT Review summarizes the game’s basic storyline. Humankind fell prey to an experiment in the arctic tundra that went awry, unleashing a killer virus. Project Qt players must fight to contain the virus and save mankind. In addition to a variety of weapons and abilities, players can use naked hentai chicks as weapons. The game’s graphics are also impressive.

Puzzle clicker

Developed by the renowned Japanese game developer, desktime, the puzzle clicker RPG is based on the world’s thirteenth campus and the fate of its inhabitants depends on them. As part of a research program, you will be tasked to develop antibodies to protect the world from a dangerous virus. The game’s adorable guide, Priscilla, will help you in this endeavour.

The gameplay of Project QT is full of action with high-paced battle music, teasing new outfits and revealing physical appearances. The songs loop seamlessly, making it easy to get caught up in the game. The soundtrack is a bit too short and repetitive for my taste, but I do enjoy listening to it. The menu music uses original instruments and synthesized music, while the battle music features electric guitar.

If you’re looking for a new puzzle RPG mobile game, then Nutaku has just the game for you. It’s free, cross-platform, and full of RPG tactics and NSFW content. If you’ve been looking for an game that has a strong sense of community and character development, you’ve come to the right place. Project QT will keep you engaged for hours, and you can enjoy its many free trials.

The storyline for Project QT is vague, but it involves an experiment gone wrong on an arctic tundra. The result was a rift that unleashed a killer virus that killed humanity. You must fight to stop the infection before it spreads, and your arsenal of weapons includes naked hentai chicks! If you want to know more, visit Nutaku’s website for a full explanation.

While Project QT doesn’t have the storyline of other fantasy games, its colorful graphics are inviting and well-done. The game was designed with mobile devices in mind, so its desktop browser version maintains its cell phone aspect ratio. The graphics in battle scenes are great, but the seduction area is another animal entirely. The game’s ad-hoc community has already created a new genre and is using ipsmarketing to develop a new game for mobile users.

If you’re looking for a free online game that will allow you to interact with real-life waifus, Project QT is the game for you. The game offers RPG combat, cute monster girls, and tutorials for beginners. Its graphics are better than similar games. There are several different ways to play Project QT and make it your own. You can check out the website below to learn more about the game and how to download it.


If you’re looking for a new action-adventure game to play on your smartphone or tablet, you might have heard of Nutaku’s Project QT Mod. The company specializes in anime-style games with NSFW images, and this game is no different. The free-to-play game was created in collaboration with Adult Swim, a popular animated sitcom. While the game features an anime-style graphical style, it’s still not rated by the ESRB, so parents might want to avoid this title.

The game can be downloaded for free through newscrawl website. You can sign up for a free trial and try the game out before you decide whether to purchase a full version. Once you’ve completed the trial, you’ll be able to purchase a game from the site if you’re satisfied. The game is very well-made, and the graphics are vibrant and well-done. The game also features a colorful layout. The developers respect color mixing, and even shaded gold coins around the edges to avoid breaking immersion.


The Graphics of Nutaku Project QT are a definite plus. This game has the same high-quality character avatars that are featured in Nutaku’s other games. In addition, the game has a 3D format for the surrounding environment, including the characters. The character designs are also incredibly varied, with a lot of NSFW scenes. Despite being a mobile game, Project QT’s graphics are still well worth checking out.

The game features a fantastic world with hentai-inspired graphics. Its backstory involves experiments in the Arctic which lead to the opening of a portal into a different dimension. It also involves a space virus which has become rogue and requires sex with beautiful bitches. However, the graphics and sound of Nutaku are not the most impressive. The game isn’t for everyone.


Developed by the leading developers for Android games, nutakunews presents another addictive puzzle game: Project QT MOD Apk. Its storyline is equally as intriguing as its technologies, and it’s set in a world of the supernatural, with an interesting black hole in the Arctic. The game is played on Android devices, and it features several styles of play and unique abilities to help you master the various puzzles.


This free-to-play action-adventure game features puzzle gameplay, RPG elements, and tons of hot naked girls. It’s a great choice for fans of hentai and Nutaku’s other games. The storyline is compelling, with a wacky, but ultimately satisfying, ending. You’ll feel like a real hero as you protect your planet from alien monsters.

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