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How to Play With a 3 Year Old

Your three year old will begin to use their imagination at an earlier age than you might expect. He will copy and imitate things he sees, whether they’re in books or on television. He’ll start drawing objects, such as cars and flowers. By letting him choose a color and shape, he’ll learn to make his marks look real. Your child’s imagination will blossom, and your efforts will pay off in the end.

To encourage imaginative play, use various materials that help your child develop different skills. Toys like a farmer and a farm are two excellent activities to introduce these skills. You can also let your child paint with water-soluble paints or create a pretend fire in the oven. Turn off any electronic sounds on animal figures, though. While your child is busy playing, you can sit down and read a favorite book together. Or, make an indoor obstacle course using chairs and tables.

A treasure hunt is an excellent way to engage your three-year-old in fun games. You can hide objects or set up a treasure hunt. Trying to find the five items on a treasure hunt is a great way to sharpen your child’s emotional skills. In addition to building physical strength, it will also teach them patience. A good rule of thumb when playing with your three-year-old is to never stop learning.

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