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How to Encourage Customers to Share on Social Media

You might already have a social media presence, but how do you encourage customers to share on their social media accounts? Social sharing buttons on product pages are a great way to increase brand awareness and sales. Adding these buttons isn’t as easy as sticking them up. It takes a little motivation on your part, too. Here are some tips for enticing customers to share their purchases.

Include a social share button on your checkout page. Amazon has an email option, but it also offers Facebook and Twitter buttons. When customers checkout, they can also opt-in to receive notifications and share the product on Facebook or Twitter. In addition, you can use pre-filled metadata and Rich Pins. Your customers will be happy to help you spread the word about your store. So ask them to share the product on their social media pages.

Create content your customers will want to share. Create videos for demonstrations, and use Instagram or Facebook Stories to showcase your employees or products. Videos are more transparent than pictures, and according to the Sprout Social Index, 67% of consumers find them trustworthy. Use photos or videos on Twitter or Pinterest to showcase different ways to use your products. If you sell to other businesses, share articles or videos about resolving common customer challenges.

Try using free resources on social media. Posting useful and informative content will encourage your customers to take the first step in the purchasing process. Share your best work and interesting posts to attract your ideal customers. A small business may not have a large following, but it can still benefit from these free resources. And don’t forget to tag your posts. Once customers have shared their photos, they’re likely to share them with their friends.

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