Examples of Dental Solutions Available for Certain Dental Problems

You can easily tell that something is wrong with your teeth immediately after experiencing pain and sensitivity. Eating or drinking hot or cold substances is also quite difficult because they trigger pain and sensitivity. All you are left to do is keep taking pain medications that provide temporary pain relief.

However, there is no need to endure such traumatizing moments because various dental solutions are available. If you have any dental problems, you could go for TLN Family Dental Solutions to help deal with your concerns and acquire symptomatic relief. Discussed below are some of the top dental solutions available.

Root canal

Generally, root canal therapy is a treatment option commonly used to treat tooth decay. It usually differs from a tooth extraction in that it helps preserve your natural tooth. During your appointment, your care provider usually uses unique tools to remove the infected pulp cavity, thus providing pain relief.

Removing the infected pulp cavity also prevents the spread of infection to surrounding teeth and gums. It ensures all the infected part of your tooth has been removed and thoroughly cleaned to ensure no traces of bacteria are left. You might require root canal therapy in cases of pulp cavity infection or damage due to oral trauma, a deep cavity, or an injury to a tooth.


They are typically artificial covers that are often placed on top of decaying or damaged teeth. They are specially designed to cover all the enamel above your gums for various reasons. Crowns also play a key role in restoring your biting and chewing abilities without experiencing pain or discomfort.

Other reasons for using dental crowns include strengthening a tooth with large fillings, protecting weak teeth from tooth decay, or completing dental implants. Dental crowns can also help restore broken teeth or hold bridges in position. Some people also use crowns for cosmetic purposes, where they coat or cover the enamel with gold or silver.

Tooth extraction

It is a dental solution that involves completely removing your teeth. People prefer a root canal to tooth extraction because root canal therapy helps you retain your teeth. Tooth extraction is quite cheap, and most people can afford it, but it usually results in gaps that might result in future dental problems.

These gaps may require dental implants or bridges to replace the missing tooth and prevent concerns such as misaligned teeth and jawbone loss. Some reasons you might need extractions include crowding, excessive tooth decay, or gum disease. Children might also undergo tooth extraction, especially if they have impacted wisdom teeth.


Periodontics specializes in diagnosing and treating gum disease. Gum disease typically refers to gum tissue infection. The disease is usually divided into two; gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is an infection of your gums that appear inflamed and swollen.

On the other hand, periodontitis is serious gingivitis that causes your teeth to separate from your gums. When you have periodontitis, you risk losing your teeth because they are loose, and falling is easy. Periodontics is effective for people experiencing symptoms such as changes in their bite, bright red gums, swollen gums, or bleeding gums.

You can find various solutions to your dental concerns, whether they are major or minor. Usually, more than two solutions are available for one dental problem, each varying in price. For instance, if you have colored teeth, your care provider may recommend teeth whitening or dental crowns.

Ensure you consult your dentist if you have any dental problems; even if you are not experiencing pain, your smile and appearance are impacted. The solutions available not only focus on improving your oral health but also improve your overall outlook. You, therefore, improve your appearance and oral health by scheduling an appointment at TLN Family Dentistry today.

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