Car accident in Fort Wayne: Check laws in Indiana here

It is not unusual to feel disoriented and confused after a car accident. Such accidents are reported every month in Fort Wayne, and people often don’t understand the legal ways to recover compensation. Indiana is a fault state. The driver who was responsible for causing the road mishap is also liable for the injuries you have suffered as a result of the accident. You can ask for a settlement covering the losses, such as medical care and lost income. Talk to top law firms like Delventhal Law Office, LLC, for a free evaluation of your claim. In this post, we are sharing key laws in Indiana at a glance.

The statute of limitations

Typically, you will file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company to recover a settlement. Depending on whether the insurance company accepts your claim or offers you a fair offer, you can also file a civil lawsuit directly against the at-fault party. For such lawsuits, the statute of limitations is important. roobytalk It is a state law that gives the deadline for filing the case. In Indiana, you have two years to file an injury lawsuit or a wrongful death claim (if you have lost a loved one). Your attorney will work on the case according to circumstances, ensuring you have enough time to go to trial if required dydepune.

Reviewing the comparative negligence rule

If you are also partly responsible for the car accident, you can only sue the other driver in certain circumstances. Indiana follows the modified version of the comparative negligence rule, which allows one party to sue the other when the former’s fault share is lower. For instance, if you are 70% liable for the mishap, you cannot recover a settlement, even if your losses are huge. Your fault percentage will determine the final recovery filmy4wep.

Get an attorney

No matter whether you are liable for the mishap, having an attorney to represent your case is always a smart idea. Most experienced lawyers in Fort Wayne will take your case on a contingency fee, which ensures that you have legal counsel without spending immediately. Lawyers are capable of handling negotiations with the claims adjuster and will take further legal steps if the insurance company does not entertain your claim. Your lawyer will also ensure all the paperwork is done right and maru gujarat all deadlines are complied with, avoiding all common mistakes along the way. Call a lawyer now odishadiscoms!

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