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Are You Interested in Laser Hair Removal? Here Are Essential Facts about the Procedure

Are you living with unwanted hair that you would be happy to eliminate? Whether it is your underarms, chin, bikini line, and upper lip, unwanted hair on any part of your body can be embarrassing. Worry no more. You can eliminate unwanted hair with laser hair removal Westport.

Laser hair removal targets hair follicles to destroy them and inhibit hair growth without damaging skin damage. Hair may not fall out immediately after treatment, but it will shed in the days following your treatment. Here is a discussion of the common facts about laser hair removal you should know.

How Do You Prepare For The Procedure?

Before the procedure, you will consult your doctor to determine if the treatment option will work for you. Your doctor may review your history, including the history of skin conditions, current medications, and past hair removal treatments. Next, your doctor will likely discuss the treatment’s benefits, risks, and expectations and what the treatment can and cannot do for you. 

Your doctor may take photos and use them before and after assessments. Meanwhile, you may have to avoid the sun, skin creams that darken your skin, and other hair removal procedures. Your doctor will likely recommend shaving the treatment area a day before your treatment.

What Happens During The Procedure?

Your doctor will press a laser instrument on your skin, which may have a cooling device at the tip to protect your skin while lessening the risk of side effects. Next, your doctor will activate the laser, and the beam will pass through your skin to your hair follicles. The heat from the laser will damage the hair follicles to inhibit hair growth. You will likely experience discomfort and a cold sensation from the cooling tip.

What Happens After Laser Hair Removal?

You will likely experience swelling and redness in the treatment area for the first few hours after the procedure. Your doctor may recommend applying ice on the treated area to reduce discomfort. Meanwhile, you may have to avoid sunlight and tanning beds as long as your doctor recommends. Additionally, you may avoid the sun but use broad-spectrum sunscreen if you are going outdoors.

What Results Should You Expect?

After treatment, your hair may not fall out immediately. Instead, hair will shed over the following days and weeks and may look like continued growth. You may require repeated treatments as hair loss and growth happen in cycles, and laser treatment effectively works on hair follicles in the new growth stage.

While results may vary for every individual, you may experience hair removal lasting up to several months or even years. However, the procedure does not guarantee permanent hair removal. You may need maintenance treatments for long-lasting hair removal.

Waxing and shaving are common hair removal methods you can pursue, except that hair will still grow back. Such traditional hair removal methods may not be effective if you are seeking permanent hair elimination in areas with unwanted hair. You may have unwanted hair in your underarms, chest, face, bikini area, neck, and legs. You can talk to your doctor about removing laser hair to destroy hair follicles and inhibit growth. Treatment may not provide immediate results, but the hair will shed as you recover.

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