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5 Ways on How to Improve Productivity with Office Design

Considering that work is one of the significant parts of your life, making your workspace fun and fresh is in your best interest. Since Brisbane is one of the business centres in Queensland, getting the right office furniture in Brisbane and utilising them properly can do more good than anticipated. Studies have shown that when employees are allowed to choose their office furniture and design the space, productivity spikes by a 32%. These are numbers that can make or break a brand.

There are neat tricks that the HR personnel in the company employs to boost performance and employee engagement. However, adding to these efforts with ergonomic furniture that constantly keeps the hardworking folk happy is an intelligent move.

The Layout is Not the Core

When you think of designing a space, you first decide on the layout. This is true when planning for aesthetics, where all you need to consider is what looks good. When focusing on productivity, sticking to a particular layout choice can have numerous detriments.

For instance, if you stick to an open office layout, each employee will have endless distractions. Every ringing phone and beeping notification will disrupt the flow that someone has found in their work. Instead, if you go ahead and section off spaces for privacy, interaction, research, and so on, your employees can focus better and deliver outstanding results.

Colours are Not Your Enemy

In the early days of office design, someone was convinced that neutral colours looked best everywhere. While the lighter and less loud colours have their benefits, they do not simulate the mind like the brighter shades of red, blue, green, and yellow. Depending on your brand image and logo, you should be able to find a colour that is vibrant and brings some life to your walls.

Furniture Makes a Difference

If you thought the furniture was just some tables and chairs, you thought wrong. If you go down to the Google office at Eagle Street, you can see how furniture has been used to convey a brand image and improve employee productivity. Be it the fun bean bags or bright colours, and the brand has made ‘Googleyness’ a real term with its design choices.

Think Movement

Productivity does not equal the amount of time spent on a task. Instead, it concerns the quality of effort expended within the time spent. When your employee comes up blank while working on something, giving them space to recharge and refuel should be your priority. Fitting multiple cubicles under one roof is not the way to achieve this. It would help if you designated areas where your employees could walk around, relax, and incubate new ideas before returning to finish the task successfully. If you need better results at work, rethinking your office furniture in Brisbane might do you good.

Keep Green and Clean

A touch of green never did anyone harm. So, there is no need to be apprehensive about adding a smattering of plants in the office. As long as no one is allergic to the said plants, everyone can have a calming moment when they give their eyes some rest from the blue light.

Another important factor to consider is keeping all the gadgets organised. Looking at a workstation with tangled wires and cluttered devices will zap away all the enthusiasm in a person.

No matter how you look at it, having a pleasant workplace gives you immense satisfaction..

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